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Purbita Ditecha is an E-marketer, professional blogger and virtual assistant from AlipurDuar, West Bengal, India who has completed various top quality Marketing contracts for top level various categorised companies. 

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To explore the blogging world. When She joined, She didn’t know blogging is so vast but an expert of marketing and IT as she is a B.Sc. (Computer Science) MCA, MBA. Initially, it was about publishing her content and getting readers but with time, the vision broadened. Her blogging journey began on a note of curiosity emerging from the realization her writing clients were publishing her write-ups in their name on something called “blogs”. An inquisitive mind, she researched on the blogging industry and thought of starting her own blog. A good Samaritan purchased the domain and hosting, guided her through WordPress, traffic building strategies and there has been no looking back. Whatever she is today, the credit mainly goes to her first blog initiative.

In her own words:

"Most trusted Instant traffic management and content management consultant from Dooars, Alipurduar with 8 years experience but never claimed as an expert SEO. I used to do my best and work hard to keep every buyer happy such get satisfactory ROI . I always try and answer queries within 24 hours. If you are looking for quality social media services and content management service @ Cheapest rates, must ping once!"

Advertising , Computer & Network Security and SEO. Ghost author of 15+ blogs and websites. Check out in Twitter  or Google+ or Facebook

Was a part time Marketer cum  Advertising consultant of FOUCS A-Z ENTERTAINMENT PRIVATE LIMITED.

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