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Alipurduar is the queen of Dooars Wildlife Santury

Alipurduar is a sub-divisional municipal town of Jalpaiguri district, and is located at the eastern end of the district. Situated on the east bank of Kaljani River on the foothills of the Himalayas, the town is a gateway to Bhutan and North Eastern states of India.

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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Affiliate Marketing Secret Values of Make Money Online in 2018

Affiliation marketing is a part of internet marketing. If you are having a successful blog you can easily great a huge amount of money using affiliate marketing. Today I am going to sharing some tips which will help you in earning money with the help of affiliation marketing. But first of all let me tell you what affiliation marketing is. By affiliation marketing we mean that we will be referring a customer to a firm to buy a product or we can say that we are helping a company to sell their product and if we are successful in selling a product we will earn some amount of commission from it. On of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online is by launching an affiliate marketing business (or adding affiliate marketing to your existing business).

Affiliate marketing allows you to make money online, even if you don’t have blog, website, or any products of your own. Following a few simple steps can get you up and running within hours and earning your first commissions right away.This is the best option which bring you a lot of money using affiliation marketing. If you are having a blog or a website which is related to blogger or WordPress or you are providing tips and tricks you can easily make money by selling hosting. See what happens is that when you have to make a new website the very first thing you need is hosting. Like you are having a hard disk drive in your system which helps you in installing windows similarly you need hosting so that you can install the scripts on that hosting and you can run your website. Just make a banner and ask people that you will create their website for free if they are going to buy hosting from their referral link. This is what affiliation marketing is. Referring a customer to a firm will generate you commission.
The formula for affiliate marketing remains relatively constant no matter what your market or niche.
Writing good advertising sales copy (copywriting) is the other important skill for internet marketers. The good news is that when it comes to affiliate marketing, many vendors will provide you with copy to use for your blog posts, websites ads, etc.
That being said, what are these essential steps for affiliate marketing success? Here, we focus on five steps to launching your own profitable affiliate marketing business.

1. Choosing the Right Affiliate Network

The fit must be right between you and the merchant who is going to benefit from your promotional efforts, or it simply won’t work. The easiest way to begin with affiliate marketing is to select an affiliate network.
Many affiliate networks exist, some which are tied to well-known companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple, while others specialize in specific types of products and services.
You may have heard of ClickBank, one of the oldest and most popular affiliate networks. A billion-dollar company, ClickBank specializes in digital products like e-books and software, as well as membership sites.
Sometimes, individual entrepreneurs with great products are worth a look, although you should check them out first and do some research.

2. Research and Select the Right Affiliate Products

A sound product strategy is a must for new affiliate marketers. Ideally, you should choose a niche that you can make money online with and has a lot of product vendors. This will give you a wide selection of products to offer your online community. However, limit yourself to two or three products at a time, so that you become the expert others turn to and trust when reaching for their wallet.
As you become comfortable with the affiliate marketing process, you can consider both specialized (e.g. fly fishing) and broad (e.g. weight loss) niches. Don’t forget to track your marketing metrics! They are usually provided by your merchant and/or affiliate network. This way you'll be able to know which products your audience are responding to and which ones aren't generating any profits for your business.

3. Consider Buying the Product before Promoting It

As a new affiliate marketer, you are not obligated to purchase every product you want to promote.  However, it goes without saying that actually owning and using the products is huge for establishing credibility and trust. Intimate knowledge of the product can mean the difference between making the sale and having prospects move elsewhere.
Writing product reviews are an excellent way to enhance your credibility as an affiliate marketer. This is especially easy with information products like e-books which are relatively inexpensive. After establishing some steady income it may even be worth buying higher-end products, provided you get in touch with the product creator to work out a strategic marketing plan that takes you to the next level.
If you actually use the product and get results with it, then sharing a case study or your personal experience can be one of the most effective ways of selling that products to your audience.
As you build a more responsive list of email subscribers and buyers and your reputation, merchants may offer you “free” samples of e-books or other products.
Note: in many cases merchants will be happy to offer you a free copy / sample of the product even if you don't have an established business -- it never hurts to ask!

4. Utilize Social Media Marketing to Get More Traffic

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other social media marketing methods are great vehicles for “word of mouth” or viral marketing. Video marketing in particular is a great way to demonstrate your expertise via commentary, screenshots, and live demonstrations if necessary.
While at first you may be focused on using social media as a free way to get traffic, keep in mind that there are powerful ways to use paid advertising on social media to reach your targeted audience and drive that traffic back to your site or your affiliate offers.

5. Consider Using Redirect / "Pretty" Links

Cloaking or using anchor links was a controversial issue in internet marketing circles, with some affiliate marketers swearing by it and others who feel it is unnecessary.
On one hand, long and ugly affiliate tracking links are a straight giveaway to people that you want to sell them a product (and people may be uncomfortable clicking on them). Therefore, making your link shorter and "nicer" looking will it give a more professional appearance. One of my favorite plugins for making links look "pretty" is the Pretty Links WordPress plugin.
Other great source which will help you in affiliation marketing is the e-commerce websites. There are a lot of websites online which sell a lot of products. If you are having a website which provides the reviews of latest gadgets and gizmos provide the affiliation link of the product from some e-commerce website. If you are having regular readers and if your website is trustworthy than you can definitely generate a lot of sales through affiliation marketing and become rich.
Same is the case with books. If you are an avid readers and if you like to write short reviews about novels you can include an affiliation link at the end of the review of the novel. If the reader likes your review he will definitely buy the novel from your affiliation link. If you are living in India you should use Tyroo for affiliation marketing. They are the largest ad network India providing a lot of ads to people. If you are a publisher or an advertiser Tyroo is the best place for you. Tryoo has been working with the best e-commerce companies which are eBay.com, myntra, fashion and you and apart from these companies they have also done many deals with Microsoft, Groupon, and Google etc. As per the stats it was seen that 44% of the population of India had accessed and used Tyroo.

Make Money Online Without a Website

If you've got some successful keyword research and PPC advertising under your belt for your own website, why not capitalize on that and make money online without one? Affiliate marketing through pay-per-click makes it possible. Learn how to make moneytoday.
MSN adCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing both allow direct linking to sites that are not your own. (But don't try this with Google AdWords.)
Direct linking means that you can join affiliate programs, create ads for their products, and send click-throughs directly to the merchant's site. There's no need to build an intermediary site or use your own site to direct traffic. When your click-throughs convert, you get a commission.
It's a way to create an extra stream of income--or several--with some big advantages:
  • It eliminates the time, effort, and costs of building and maintaining web pages. The only time you'll have to pay is when someone clicks on your ad.
  • It allows you to do affiliate marketing without cluttering up your own site with links that might send potential customers away. You can keep your site clean and focused on its job of selling your product, but still make commissions off other people's products.
  • It eliminates an extra click for users. One click less for them means more commissions for you. While direct linking is a good opportunity, though, it's not a walk in the park. The PPC programs that allow it restrict the number of affiliate ads that can point at the same display URL that shows on the ad itself. So ads by experienced affiliate marketers who know exactly what they're doing can bump less skillful ads.
If you want your ads to be seen, here's what you have to do.
Step 1: Start with a big, broad market Choose a broad market where there's a lot of searching going on. You want to get as many eyeballs as possible.
Step 2: Do some keyword research Don't build your ads on broad, untargeted keywords, though. The competition for those will be fierce--and expensive. Your objective here is to find neglected, low-cost keywords within a broad, high-traffic market--and that's why it really helps to have keyword research experience.
The Microsoft Advertising Intelligence tool can show you almost anything you'd like to know about any given keyword, including similar keywords, traffic, cost per click, and much more. The free Google AdWords Keyword Tool is also a quick and handy way of getting ideas for keywords with high search volume and low cost per click; just keep in mind that you can't use this strategy with Google.
Step 3: Find a good affiliate merchant that targets your niche In order to find a merchant that offers a relevant product and pays you a good commission, check out these affiliate networks and directories:
  • www.associateprograms.com
  • www.affiliatesdirectory.com
  • www.ecommerce-guide.com
  • www.cj.com
  • www.clickxchange.com
  • www.linkshare.com
When you're choosing affiliate merchants, ask these questions:
  1. Do they offer a product that directly solves a problem you've identified?
  2. Do they allow direct linking to their sites? Some don't. Check the terms and conditions before you commit.
  3. Does the landing page generate pop-ups? If so, then forget it. This is not allowed. The back button on the page also has to be functional.
  4. Is there a strong landing page for the product? If you send click-throughs to an irrelevant page, a confusing sales process, or a site that's just plain unappealing, then they won't convert and you'll end up wasting your money.
Step 4: Write a PPC ad that drives buyers to the affiliate merchant's site Take a good look at the landing page your ad is pointing at and make your ad directly relevant to it. Your ad must:
  • address the specific problem you've identified.
  • include the keyword you've bid on, preferably more than once.
  • reflect the keywords of the landing page.
  • highlight a benefit of the product.
  • include a strong call to action.
You can give your ad an extra boost by adding your keyword, or part of it, to the display URL at the bottom of the ad. The actual target URL will contain a big, ugly affiliate ID number, but the display version can show the domain name plus a subdirectory with a word or phrase that makes it look relevant to the search, like this:
Display:internetmarketing.com/affiliates_ppc Target:http://www.purbitaditecha.com/aff-iduao74elksdjdo-2u023f
Before you create your display link, check out the PPC competition to make sure it's unique so your ad won't be bumped. The better your ads, the higher the click-throughs will be, which means your ads will be rewarded with better positions for the same money. It's worth polishing them, and then testing them to see which ones are performing the best. Running a pay-per-click affiliate campaign probably won't generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for you right off the bat--but it is the easiest way to leverage the keyword research and PPC skills you've developed in building your own site. And when Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing join forces sometime this year, you'll get the traffic from both, even if you only advertise on one. That makes direct linking even more appealing.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Broaden your skill to get online income Increasing huge ways

If you want to be the best and learn how to become a millionaire, you must first find out what the top people do and then do it yourself. The top three percent of Americans in all fields, act as if they “own the place.”  They look upon everything that happens in their companies as though they own one hundred percent of the stock.  They take everything personally.  They feel personally responsible for sales, quality, profitability, distribution and cost effectiveness.  They are totally engaged with their work and with their products and services.There's no question that secretarial and business support staff are expected to be multi-skilled workers who can think on their feet and adapt to any job put before them.

Secretaries, PAs and business support staff are increasingly becoming all things to all departments, assuming responsibility for more tasks and adopting new skills along the way. While recruitment in the sector remains strong during 2011, competition is high and candidates need to demonstrate a combination of skills – from sector specific to technical and organisational – in order to clinch their preferred job.

How To Increase Your Income, Make More Money And Become Financially Independent

Would you like to make more money?  Well, go to the nearest mirror and negotiate with your boss.  The person in the mirror is the one who determines how much you earn and how well you do in your profession and how much you get paid for it. This is the first step towards learning how to become a millionaire and becoming financially independent.

Here’s an exercise for you to help you make more money:  On the first day of each month, take your own personal check book and write out a check for the amount of money you want to earn that month and date it for the last day of that month. Make it payable to yourself.  Sign it.  Then, for the rest of the month, you concentrate on figuring out how you are going to make payroll, just like a company president. If you have to increase your sales in order to increase your paycheck, your job is to figure out how to do it.  You are the president.  As the president of your own professional sales corporation, your current employer is your best client.

By making the decision to go from employee status to being the president of your own organization, you have made the critical decision to become the primary creative force in your own life and the ability to make more money.  You no longer see yourself as a victim or a passive recipient of what happens in the economy.  You are an active agent.  You are in charge.  You go out into the work place and you make your own life and your own living.  You sell your services to the highest bidder and you deliver the very best services of which your personal sales corporation is possible.  Instead of waiting for things to happen, or hoping that things will happen, you instead make things happen. This is how to increase your income and how to become a millionaire in today’s working world.

As the president of your own company, you are in charge of every activity of your business. You are in charge of sales, marketing, production, quality control, distribution, and administration. You are in charge of your own training department, constantly working on yourself to increase the value of what you do so that you can charge more for it in the marketplace. You are in charge of every aspect of your life both, both personal and professional.

There's no question that secretarial and business support staff are expected to be multi-skilled workers who can think on their feet and adapt to any job put before them.

Secretaries, PAs and business support staff are increasingly becoming all things to all departments, assuming responsibility for more tasks and adopting new skills along the way.

While recruitment in the sector remains strong during 2011, competition is high and candidates need to demonstrate a combination of skills – from sector specific to technical and organisational – in order to clinch their preferred job.
Automate Your Savings
increase income save more money One of the biggest problems most people have with saving money is simply having the discipline to do it.  It’s very easy to forego putting money into savings and investments every month when you have so many options available for how to spend your money.  The best way to save is to take that monthly decision out of your hands and automate it.

All you have to do is have a percentage of your paycheck automatically deducted every month and deposited into your savings or retirement account.

When your saving is automated, you don’t have to make a conscious decision about making that deposit every month, and because of that, your saving is much more consistent.  The cool thing is that you really don’t miss the money.  It’s just another line item on your paycheck along with taxes and Social Security, except this money is going directly to you to build your wealth instead of diminish it.

Have Clear Goals
Get a clear idea of how you want to make and save more money.  Set specific goals that are measurable, and stick to them.  If you want to save a specific amount of money a certain date, figure out how much you’ll need to save every month to achieve that goal.

If your goal is to make more money, then decide how much more you want to make, and set smaller goals that you can achieve step by step to get you to the bigger goal.

Your goals should be SMART– Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.  These SMART goals will help keep you  motivated over the long term and keep you focused on your ultimate goal without falling victim to the many distractions that can get in your way when you don’t have specific goals.
Make More, Save More- A Profound Effect:
When it comes down to it, making and saving more money can have a profound effect on your freedom, your choices, and almost every other aspect of your life.  You have the ability to grow your wealth without being subject to the limitations that come with debt.  You start winning financially.

But when you’re living paycheck to paycheck and you don’t have a plan, you’ll always be a slave to debt.  Nobody’s going to come and rescue you with a lottery ticket or a bailout.  You’re on a slow treadmill to nowhere financially, and because of that your freedom and your options are very limited.

How can you increase your income and become financially independent today? Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action.

Candidates who develop their IT and communications skills are also in demand for audio and visual presentation duties, typing, writing, problem solving and public relations roles.

Particular IT skills that appeal include proficiency with the traditional Microsoft Office programs, as well the ability to add value with more creative expertise. A proven track record of output with packages like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator can help you stand out from the crowd.

Shorthand is always a sought-after skill in the secretarial and business support market, but if you haven’t developed this it’s key to master speedwriting for effective minute taking.

The ability to communicate in more than one language is particularly useful as employers value employees who are able to demonstrate language skills.

Here are some key tips on how to broaden your skill set and keep your existing expertise fresh and relevant:

Explore and learn new IT skills – competence in the Microsoft Office suite (Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc) is always an advantage. Investigate training options to familiarise yourself with some of the more creative packages.
Anticipate what skills your employer will need in the months ahead – where is their business going ? What do you need to get up to speed with?
Build on existing qualifications with part-time courses to increase your value to your current or potential employer – languages, creative, written work.
Study job advertisements and research the market to find out what potential employers are currently looking for.
Teach yourself new skills online and demonstrate your knowledge and increased value to your company or potential employer.
If your language skills are a little rusty, make a point to brush up on them to ensure fluency. Perhaps even investigate mastering a new language as a challenge ?

First, make out a check to yourself for the amount of money you want to make next month. Then, make a plan of activities for achieving your goal.

Second, break your monthly desired income down into daily and hourly rates of pay. Make sure that everything you do pays you your desired hourly rate.

Thank you for reading this article on how to increase your income, make more money, become financially independent. Please share and comment below!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Zero Tech Skills But You Can Create a WordPress Blog and Website in 20 Minutes

WordPress is a free personal publishing platform. It is an easy to use, fast and flexible blog script. It comes with a great set of features, designed to make your experience as a publisher as pleasant as possible. With WordPress you can easily.

How to Build a Professional Website and Blog for Free

After I went through years of website-induced stress and four disasters, I finally figured out how to build a high quality, professional website for less than $50—and I’m going to teach you how to do it right now for free.
I don’t want anyone else to waste three years of their life and more than $8,000 like I did trying to figure this stuff out.
If you have an important message, story, product or service to share with the world online, I want to show you how to do it as quickly, easily and painlessly as possible so you can help more people.
All I ask in return is that you do your best to make the world a better place with your work. Sound fair?
Great! Then let’s start building your website right now.

How To Build a Self-Hosted WordPress Website Step-by-Step

Even if you have zero technical skills, it will still take you less than 30 minutes to create a new professional website with WordPress.
In just four easy steps, you can be officially a proud website owner and blogger.
All you have to do is:
  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Get hosting
  3. Set up WordPress
  4. Write your first blog post and click “Publish”
It’s that simple!
Now let’s walk through every step of the process with screenshots so you can see exactly what to do to build your site right now—and have it up and running before you go to bed.

1. Buy a Domain Name

Total Cost: Less than $10 per year
Your first step to creating a website is to buy a domain name.
A domain name is the web address that people type in to find your site. Our domain name is tckpublishing.com—it’s the actual address of your website that appears in the address bar at the top of your web browser (also called a URL bar or location bar).

How to Buy a Domain Name for Your Website

First, go to www.godaddy.com to buy a domain name.
(I like GoDaddy because they have 24/7 customer support, and that means I can call them and get help anytime I have a tech problem or issue. For me, having technical support experts on call all day every day is priceless.)
Now it’s time to think of a domain name.
It’s tricky because you need to find a domain name that hasn’t been taken yet. It may take you five minutes, or a few hours, or a couple of days if you’re really picky to find the right domain name.
The first thing to check to help you find a unique and valuable domain name is to start with your name. If you can’t find a website ending in .com with the exact spelling of your first and last name, considering adding in a middle initial or just getting another domain name extension like a .net. or .biz.
If you absolutely must have a .com site, I recommend just buy any .com you think is a good enough name to begin with and set it up now. You can always get a better domain name later for a few bucks, so you really should not be stressing about your first domain name (Most of the folks I know with websites have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of domain names they own. A lot of entrepreneurs will buy a domain name immediately after coming up with a new business idea or concept, even if they never end up doing anything with it).
You can also simply migrate your website to a new domain name later for free with the push of a button. That means if you buy a domain name now, build your website, get tons of traffic and customers, and then later decide you want to move your entire website over to a different domain name, you can do so with almost no interruption or lost traffic.
So don’t stress out about finding the perfect domain name right now!
Just choose one that works and get started with confidence knowing you can always call up GoDaddy anytime you want and they will help you make any changes you need.

Search Domain Names

Once you think of a domain name you like, just enter it in the text box below the Godaddy logo and click on Search Domain.
GoDaddy Search Domain Screen
If the name is already taken it will say, “Sorry, that domainyouwanted.com is taken.”
domain name already taken image
If the domain name is available, it will say “Yes! Your domain is available. Buy it before someone else does.”
Buying a domain name from godaddy image

Select Your Domain Name

The next step is to choose the exact domain name you want, click on the Select button next to it, and then click on Continue to Cart.

Continue to Check Out

After clicking on Continue to Cart, it will bring you to the screen that asks, “What will you do with your domain name?”
buying a website domain image

Skip the Upsells and Additional Offers

The next screen offers additional options and upsells including domain privacy options. At least 95% of folks really have no need for the privacy options or additional domains, so don’t bother buying them unless you’re sure you need all that extra stuff.
Once completed, click the button on the bottom that says Continue with these options.
GoDaddy “What will you do with your domain name?” Screen

Finish Checkout

The last page is the checkout page where you can review your selection.
Note: Last time I checked, GoDaddy automatically added a 5-year term on the domain name purchase and domain privacy. If you don’t want those options, you can just change the term and remove the privacy subscription on this page.
Once you’re satisfied with the domain name and the options you have chosen, simply click on Proceed to Checkout to purchase the domain.
checking out domain name image

After You Buy a Domain Name…

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a new website domain. Your internet fame is just beginning.
Once you have purchased your domain name, it’s time to get a web hosting service so you can actually host your website at your brand new web address.
Don’t worry, it’s really easy to do, and it costs less than lunch.

2. Setup Web Hosting

Web hosting is where you pay a company to store all your website files and data so that other folks on the internet can visit your site.
Web hosts store all the files, images, videos, and text—literally everything on your website.
Buying web hosting is a lot like buying storage space; the company keeps all your stuff organized and safe in one place. They can also provide tech support and walk you through the process of purchasing domain names, web hosting, and building your site if you ever feel lost or confused.
Bluehost is the first company I used for hosting my websites.

Why You Need Your Own Web Hosting

There are also free blogs like Tumblr.com and Blogger.com, but you can never really monetize those websites nearly as effectively because of certain rules and regulations. For instance, you can’t post affiliate links or have opt in forms on many of these free websites unless you have your own web hosting.
If you’re serious about building a loyal following online and/or selling products or services, you absolutely need to own your own domain and have your own web hosting. Relying on a free third-party service for your website is a big mistake if you’re serious about creating a website that will meet your business and career goals.
So, I’m going to teach you how to set up your own custom website and blog using WordPress—it’s a 100% free software package that does all the hard work for you. And you can install it in just 5 minutes!

How to Get Web Hosting with BlueHost

Let’s start by going to www.bluehost.com.
Click on get started now to sign up.
Get Started with Bluehost
The next step is to select a plan. You have three options. There’s basic, plus and prime.
Start with basic if you are only building one website. You can always upgrade later.
Select a Plan for Your Bluehost Account
Since you already setup a domain with Godaddy, you need to choose the box that says “I have a domain name” and enter your domain name. Click Next.
Bluehost Enter your Domain Screen
Clicking on next button will give you the “create your account” screen. It will ask questions to complete your profile.
Just make sure to complete the required fields and once completed, find the Submit button on the bottom to complete the purchase.
(Note: Bluehost hasan incredible customer service that’s available 24/7, so if you have any questions about any of these steps or anything about your website, you can call them anytime.)
Create your Blue Host Account
Congratulations! You are now halfway done setting up your custom self-hosted WordPress website and blog.

3. Setup WordPress

The third step is to install WordPress with your web host. Since you are adding a brand new domain, you’ll need to add the domain in the Control Panel (called cPanel) of your Bluehost account first.
On the hosting login screen, enter the domain name or your username and your password.
Click on submit.
Bluehost Hosting Login Page
Once logged in, click on the Domains > Domains List tab and under Shortcuts click the link that says, “Assign a domain to your cPanel Account.”
Bluehost Assign a Domain to Your Account
On the Assign a Domain screen, click on the option, “Use a domain that is not already associated with your account” and enter your domain name.
Bluehost Assign Domain Screen
The next step is to “Verify Ownership” of the domain by pointing the nameservers for the domain to your new web host’s nameservers.  It’s not as complicated as it sounds. All you’re doing is just copying and pasting the nameservers (a simple text string something like ns1.bluehost.com and ns2.bluehost.com) from Bluehost into your Godaddy account.
Go back to www.godaddy.com and log in to your account. Once logged in, just go up to the Products > Domains tab and click on the Launch button on the same row as the domain that you are trying to setup with Bluehost.
GoDaddy Launch you Domain
This launches the “Domain Information” window. This is where you’ll find the link to Set Nameservers. Click on that link to open the “Set Nameservers” window.
GoDaddy Set Nameservers Link
Go back to the Bluehost “Assign Domain” screen and copy the two nameservers listed under “Step 2: Verify Ownership”
Bluehost Verify Ownership Step
Now that you have the nameservers information, go back to the Godaddy “Set Nameservers”window and choose the option “I have a specific nameservers for my domains.”
Place the information in the text box labeled “Nameserver 1” and “Nameserver 2” and click OK.
GoDaddy Set Nameservers Window
Once you click on OK, this will verify the ownership for your domain. It may take about 5 minutes in most cases.
The next step is to choose between Addon or Parked. An Addon domain is a domain name that points to a different subdirectory on your account while a Parked domain is a domain name that points to a different subdirectory as your Primary domain.
I recommend clicking on “Addon Domain” because it lets you make it look like an entirely new website.
Bluehost Addon vs Parked Domain
For the next step, choose the folder in your account that the domain will point to.
You basically need to tell Bluehost whether you wish to host your new website in an existing directory (meaning a folder on the server) or in a new directory.
If you don’t know what any of this tech stuff means, just click “Create a new directory.”
Click on Assign this domain button to finish the process.
Finish Assigning Domain in Bluehost
You now have your domain server pointing to Bluehost. That means Bluehost is now hosting your domain in their servers, so technically your website is already live!
Now it’s time to setup WordPress so you can build a website customized to your needs for free using WordPress themes and plugins.
From the Control Panel of Bluehost, click on the Hosting > cPanel tab.
You’ll see under Site Builders, “WordPress” — just click on it.
Bluehost cPanel
The next screen you’ll see is “Install WordPress.”
This is for a new installation and so we’ll need to click the Install button.
Bluehost cPanel WordPress Installation Screen
We now have to complete the installation of WordPress.
The first step is to select your Installation Preferences.
On the section that says “Where would you like WordPress installed?” you can select to install it either on the homepage or on your blog.
So if you want your homepage to be something different—if you want your homepage to be a sales page for your book, or something like a squeeze page—then you can choose to install it only on yourname.com/blog. Most people just want the entire website to be the blog, and there are also many free and paid tools you can use to change the home page later on.
You can leave the “/” blank and you can just install WordPress directly on your domain(this is the option I recommend for 95% of folks, especially if this is your first website).
Installation Preferences for WordPress
On “Step 3: Plugins and Themes,” you will find options for Plugins and Themes that you can install on WordPress. You can either select or deselect these options. If you choose to install the plugins, you can always uninstall them later.
Personally, I don’t recommend any of the current themes or plugins being offered at this stage by BlueHost.
WordPress Plugins and Themes
The last thing you need to do is to accept the terms and conditions by checking the box that says, “I have read the terms and conditions of the GPLv2 license agreement.” Then Click on Complete.
WordPress Installation Terms and Conditions
You’re now done installing WordPress.
Great work!
After you install WordPress,  you’re going to get an email from SimpleScripts with the subject “WordPress Access Information”. This e-mail will contain your domain WordPress log in page. It’s going to be something like www.yourname.com/wp-admin. The email will also include your login name and your login password which you can change to your preference at any time.
Now that you have WordPress setup, it’s time to write and post for your first blog article.

4. Write Your First Blog Post

Go to your WordPress login page (this will almost always be at www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin), enter your Username and Password and click on Log In.
WordPress Login Page
The Dashboard (wp-admin) is the first screen you see when you login to the administration area of your blog. This is where you can get at-a-glance an overview of what’s happening with your blog.
You won’t see much yet since your website is brand new, and that’s okay.
WordPress Dashboard
To add your first post, scroll to Posts and choose “Add New.”
WordPress Add New Post
Enter the title and type your article into the big text box. The post title will determine the title of the blog post as it appears on your site, and the bigger box is where the body of your blog post will be written.
Once you have written your first blog post, just click on Publish and you’re finished.
Welcome to the blogosphere!

What to Do After You Build Your Website

So what’s next?
After you’ve built your website, you may want to learn how to hone your writing skills, and you should definitely start learning about how email marketing works so you can turn your website into an email list building machine.
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Got Website Questions?

P.S. If you have any questions about any of these steps or setting up your website, just post your comments below and we’ll be happy to help you get all the info you need to succeed!