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Friday, 15 April 2016

Naked Truths For Entrepreneurs in Social Media Marketing

As an experienced digital marketer, you already know about the importance of social media marketing. However, even some of the most hardened online marketers are prone to making mistakes on social media every now and then. It seems like, at least once a month, we read about a famous company that sent a thoughtless tweet or posted something politically incorrect on Facebook and suffered a PR backlash as a result.

Naked Truths For Entrepreneurs in Social Media Marketing

That's why it's a good idea to review basic principles of social media marketing every now and then. Here are 11 rules you should never forget.

1. Never fight with a customer.

It's always a great idea to transfer "old school" marketing principles to "new school" marketing. One of those principles is this: the customer is always right.

If one of your customers takes to social media to complain about the quality of your product or service, avoid getting into an argument. That's because you can't win.

Instead of arguing, take steps to make the customer happy. That's Customer Service 101. Or, simply direct the conversation off of social media so that there is less visibility.

2. Always publish 100 percent quality.

People are following you on social media for a reason. They expect to derive some benefit from it.

You might be tempted to post trivial information about yourself, your family, or something about current events. However, if that post doesn't offer anything of value to your followers, you'll find yourself going in the wrong direction on social media. You'll lose followers. Do your best to create 10x content.

3. Advertise for full exposure.

You might think that it's not a good idea to advertise on social media. In fact, it's a great idea. Whether you are doing ads to promote content, gain followers, or drive direct sales, social media advertising works.

I have seen some ads on Facebook starting to outperform Google ads, and that is saying a lot. 

4. Befriend influencers.

It can't be said often enough: Never be afraid to stand on the shoulders of giants.

If you want to become an influencer on social media, start by paying homage to people who've already succeeded. Use social media to reach out to people who are influencers in your space. Tag them in posts, and reply to their tweets and updates. Become part of their team. It will help your social media and your business grow.

5. Highlight everything positive.

Use social media just like you socialize in real life: accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.

Nobody wants to hear from somebody who's complaining or highlighting challenges instead of successes. Give your followers a pleasant experience as they read your posts.

6. Give to others and you will receive more in return.

Another "old school" principle that works well on social media is this: What goes around, comes around.

If you're interested in benefiting from your social media marketing efforts, be sure to offer people who follow you something of value on a regular basis. When you do that, you'll find that you reap what you sow and your efforts will be rewarded.

7. Know your analytics.

How many people did you reach on Facebook this week? How many tweet impressions did you generate this month?

If you can't answer those questions, it's because you're not studying your analytics.

It's important to review your analytics regularly because you'll see what types of posts and tweets generate the most engagements. That way, you can focus on what's successful in future social media campaigns.
8. Social media is always changing, so be constantly evolving and learning.

Do you think you know all that there is to know about social media? Think again.

Even if you've "arrived" at the current state of social media right now, you can be sure that it will evolve with technology over the next year. Social media strategies that work today might not work in 2017.

That's why it's a good idea to always be learning about social media marketing best-practices.

9. Be consistent.

Social media marketing is successful only if it's consistent. If you tweet once a month, you can expect little return for your limited effort. If you post Facebook updates only occasionally instead of regularly, you're going to limit your reach.

Make sure that you're consistently posting valuable content to your social media channels. How often you post depends on your industry and target market, but at least once a day is a good rule of thumb.

10. Own a few platforms--don't try to own them all.

You've probably heard quite a bit about the importance of marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, YouTube, and a variety of other lesser-known social media platforms.

If you're limited on resources and try to market on all of those platforms, you might become a jack of all trades and a master of none. Instead, focus on a few platforms that are favored by people in your target market. Become a marketing specialist on those platforms to maximize your return on investment.

11. Take the time to create a content calendar that will attract business.

You've always heard that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That principle applies to social media marketing as well as anything else.

Create a content calendar that identifies the types of content you'll post at various times throughout the year. Map out your content schedule at least 3-6 months in advance.

Also, pay particular attention to important dates such as holidays and those of important events (e.g., the Super Bowl) so that you can create theme-relevant promotions. You should also take note of dates that might be important to people in your target market (e.g., New Year's if you're a venue).

Finally Bonus rule.

Make sure to occasionally go back and review all your old posts. You don't want to be the person who forgets they have embarrassing photos in an account they now use for personal branding, networking, or social media marketing. It happens more than you think.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Self-Help Points For Small Business To Gain Success

Self help may be the best way to get attention from clients or customers and you want more attention? Of course you do. After all, you’re in business to gain attention, right? To help, consider these ten tips.

Self-Help Points For Small Business To Gain Success

1. Introduce Graphics into Your Social Media Strategy

Remember that saying that first impressions count? Well this holds true for online marketing, also. Keeping this in mind, create some custom graphics unique to your business that you can share via social media. Whether it’s your business tagline, a funny joke or a bold image that may appeal to your target audience, consider the return a small investment in fun, creative, graphics can make in your online marketing efforts.

2. Create a Facebook AD Campaign

Gaining customer attention is one thing… gaining their clicks is another. One way to help? Incorporate Facebook advertising into your marketing strategy. Brands and businesses of all sizes have found success through Facebook advertising, but more importantly customers are finding resources through Facebook advertising. Not sure where to start? No worries… there are people who can do this for you.

3. Reach Out to The Media

Gaining publicity can provide a domino effect of opportunities for your business, including the chance to gain new customers from the visibility gained. The catch? Gaining press isn’t necessarily easy. You need to offer a valid reason for the media to want to give you attention, and you definitely need to respect their time and efforts during this process, as well. A good starting point? Become familiar with the media outlets you want to gain press from, then submit a concise email with a press pitch on why you may be good for their audience to gain some attention.

4. Kick Your Sales Efforts up a Notch

When was the last time you made a cold call? Or introduced a new service to your online selling efforts – whether it was via Fiverr, Amazon or anywhere else? The point here is very simple, really. Do more to sell more. Consider what you currently do, then consider what you haven’t done in a while or even ever. Adding these additional selling efforts to your bandwidth will help bring in new opportunities to gain attention… and sales.

5. Reach out to Past Customers

In business, there’s always an ongoing effort to gain new customers. But too often, businesses fail to see value in past customers or even existing customers. Keeping this in mind, consider how you can stay in touch with consumers who have already spent money with you to ensure you stay top of mind among this audience. You can do this via a handwritten letter, a customized email marketing campaign or even hosting a VIP event unique to this audience. Don’t skimp on the details here, though. Get creative to get their attention!

6. Reward the Next Ten Customers With “Cash” Towards a Future Purchase

Okay, okay… not real cash. But the idea is to offer customers a reason to support your unique business again. As a thank you, offer them a “cash” reward of $5, $10 or whatever value you feel best to return to your business again for a future purchase. Add some fine print that identifies an expiration date and any other specific details that may apply to this incentive. Be sure you deliver it with enthusiasm, as well. This extra effort can go a long way.

7. Talk to Your Customers

Yep, that’s right. Talk to them. What does this mean exactly, you may wonder? Well… depending on your business, this may mean having conversations via email or even social media while others may have the opportunity to gain face time (the old fashioned face to face kind) between themselves and customers. By taking the time to chat with consumers, you can gain insight on what they’re thinking, why they may or may not have decided to make a purchase from you and more. Dig deep and be honest with your customers about your intent here and in return you’ll gain their undivided attention.

8. Strengthen Your SEO Strategy

SEO – aka search engine optimization – is a must for business owners of any size nowadays. Where you rank among your competition and in a Google search positions you for opportunity or missed opportunities. It really is as simple as that. Knowing this, what have you done lately to strengthen your SEO? Consider how a few tweaks to your online digital efforts can help improve your SEO ranking, while also considering how those who know more about SEO than you do may be able to help.

9. Incorporate Content Marketing Into Your Business Strategy

Why, you may wonder? Very simply, content connects consumers to your brand and business while also providing you an avenue to communicate with customers. Another perk? Content marketing has the potential to attract new customers – therefore reaching more consumers than you may have ever imagined possible, particularly when you consider content can be shared via social media and through email marketing.

10. Make Yourself an Animated Figure

You do have an alter ego, right? With or without, animated characters can attract a lot of attention to your branding, social media pages and overall marketing efforts. They stand out, surprise customers and capture attention… all goals that should be a part of any marketing effort. Combine this with a jingle, video greeting, animated music video or original song and you’re sure to be the talk of customers, potential customers, family and friends.

Final Views:

Finally, consider how the combined efforts of these ten tips can truly launch your brand and business to stand out among customers. Whether incorporating everything listed above or identifying a select few that are best suited for your unique business, your goal is to at least do something. Doing nothing, after all, will ensure you to attract the exact opposite of what you need… which again, is attention. So what are you waiting for? There’s no time to waste.

Monday, 4 April 2016

SEO Agencies Outsourcing Tasks and Success Rates

When people think about outsourcing SEO, many immediately cover their ears and say it can’t be done. What these people fail to realize is that there are many moving parts to any good SEO campaign: content creation, graphic design, technical fixes, link building… The list goes on.

SEO Agencies Outsourcing Tasks and Success Rates

Yes, your agency shouldn’t be automating link building like it’s 2001, but there are tasks which you can outsource to increase efficiency, deliver better results and keep more clients. Through my experience as an SEO consultant there were a number of tasks that I’ve successfully outsourced to scale my efforts:

1. Translation

If your clients serve a worldwide audience, there’s a good chance that translating content can give them a big boost in business. Neil Patel saw an increase of 47% when he translated the content on his blog to multiple languages. Only ~340 million out of 7 billion people in the world speak English, which means there’s a lot of opportunity out there.

Your agency can offer translation services and make a healthy profit by doing so. Find low cost translation services to translate client websites, landing pages, Adwords campaigns, and more. Translation works especially well with international ecommerce businesses.

2. Proofreading

Content marketing is a huge topic these days and is an integral part of SEO. Your agency is most likely pumping out tens of thousands of words a month to target those important keywords. The thing is, proper grammar and error-free writing is very important. People are hesitant to trust websites that have spelling errors and publications won’t accept guest posts that are riddled with issues.
Having a proofreading system in place before putting content live is important. This part of the content marketing process should be outsourced, as it rarely makes sense (unless you’re a massive agency) to have an editor in-house. Send each piece through a proofreading expert before it goes live.

3. Blog Post Images

Twice as many people share posts on Facebook and Twitter with at least one image. Although social shares aren’t necessarily a ranking signal for SEO, the more eyes on your content the better. It’s also proven that people process images much, much faster than text, which can make them a very useful asset.

You don’t need to have a graphic designer on staff in order to have blog post images made. There are services like Pablo, where you can make stunning images yourself, or you can find a low cost freelancer designer to work on a case-by-case basis.

4. Fix Website Issues

Although you may work in SEO, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have the technical skills for every fix. Or your web designer may have a lot on their plate. Luckily, there are a number of options to outsource small jobs related to SEO and website fixes. For example, I’ve used this Gig to make customizations to WordPress themes for clients. Many times it makes financial sense to outsource small website fixes and customizations.

5. Citation Building

Citations are one of the key parts of any local SEO campaign. Thing is, they’re very monotonous to build and generally not worth your time to do manually. If your agency sells local SEO services there’s a good chance you already user a service to have them done. If you don’t offer them yet, you can outsource citation building quite easily. Repetitive tasks are the best to outsource and these fit the bill perfectly.

You have a few options if you’re looking to outsource citation building. Whitespark offers citation has a citation building service which has received high praise. Problem is, it’s a little bit pricey. By doing a search in Fiverr you can find a number of affordable providers for citation building, such as youngceaser. You can find country specific citations as well: Canada, USA, Australia, UK, etc. for international clients to see those local rankings skyrocket.

6. Video transcriptions

Search engines can’t understand the content within videos at this point. In order to help them grasp what’s happening in your clients videos you can add transcriptions. There are benefits to adding transcriptions within Youtube and also alongside blog posts to improve SEO and user experience. You can also add these transcriptions for closed captioned videos which works wonders in Facebook. Build this in to your video creation process.

7. Finding Expired Domains

Although it’s considered a “grey hat practice” that some SEOs are quick to shy away from, private blog networks are still a big link building tactic for many agencies. They may be frowned upon but if done properly they work well (very well) and scale easily. One big part of building out a PBN is finding the right expired domains for your network. There has been a surge in demand for good expired domains and they’ve become quite hard to find.

It can be very time consuming to find the right expired domains for your PBN, which means it should probably be outsourced. I’ve used Pbn_seo_expert’s “high metrics” expired domain service to find some gems. Expired domains of this quality can cost hundreds of dollars through other means (auctions, forums).

8. Logo Design

Similar to creating blog posts – if you don’t have a good in-house designer – logo design is a task that can easily be outsourced. Many small businesses just need something quick and simple.
If you are building out a private blog network for your agency, Fiverr is also the perfect place to get logos designed for them. It’s important that they appear legitimate and having a real logo designed adds authenticity. That being said, you don’t need to spend hundreds on professional logos. I’ve used Gigblast’s service to design logos for my PBN websites at a very reasonable price.

9. Backlink Reports

Backlink monitoring tools can be expensive. Tools like Ahrefs, Majestic and SEM Rush start at around $99/month and go up from there. If your agency just needs a few competitive backlink reports a month, consider checking out a Gig like Alekscupid’s who will run 10 full Ahrefs backlinks reports for $5. These reports not only save you money, but can save you time by not having to run them yourself. Outsourcing these kinds of reports can be a very smart move for agencies that are just starting out.

10. SEO Audit Reports

Like backlink monitoring tools, SEO reporting tools can be expensive to pay month over month. It’s not necessary to pay a monthly auditing fee for every client if they don’t need it. Instead, you can outsource small SEO audits.

My view point: 

There are many providers on Fiverr who will do thorough audits for you. These may even be manual 50+ point audits which are superior to automated tools.