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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Fox News for freelance writers looking to earn more

If you haven't heard, I've been busy writing a new e-book about how to earn from a low-traffic blog. One of the things I'm loving about writing Small Blog, Big Income -- which is all about building an audience and earning from a small-traffic blog -- is that it reminds me of things I should be doing to promote my OWN blog. ;-)

Fox News for freelance writers looking to earn more

One thing that I'd seriously slacked off on was guest posting. Hadn't done it in ages!

So I got busy asking my connections if I could guest for them. Because I've been building my network for years (one of the big things I go over in the e-book!), it was easy to get some invites. I'm counting 11 different appearances that should happen soon, and link to my e-book page.

Guest posting is such a big topic, and I know bloggers have so many questions about how to win at it. I thought I'd unpack some of the things I've learned putting together this promo round of more than 10 different guest appearances:

1. Ask early. I totally failed at this! A lot of my requests were very last-minute, so guest posts will be coming out over the next 60 days. Remember, the big blogs plan their calendars out a ways. And it's more impactful if you can get them all to come out within a short period of time. Lesson for me!

2. Make an idea list. When you want to do a lot of guest posting, it's easier if you unpack your topic and come up with a bunch of possible ideas. Then, as you get opportunities, you're ready with several possibilities to pitch each outlet that would be the best fit for their particular audience.

3. Write in batches. If you have 4 blog posts to write, it'll take less time if you sit down and crank them all out in a day.

4. Repurpose/rewrite. Rather than writing every post from scratch, some started with an excerpt from the e-book, and then I elaborated or expanded from there. Lots quicker! You can also go back to past posts you've done on similar topics and rewrite/freshen them up with a new slant and presto! A new post.

5. Have a tracker. At one point, I accidentally pitched the same topic to two different blogs. Oops! I started getting more organized about keeping track of who I told I would write what.

6. Participate in roundups. Every guest appearance DOESN'T have to be a whole guest post you wrote yourself. Keep an eye out for opportunities to have a quote in a roundup, be a case study, or get interviewed for a Q&A post. Variety is the spice!

7. Overdeliver. Don't make your guest posts hastily slapped-together, short posts that don't deliver much for readers. They should be as good OR BETTER than the quality of what you'd write for your own blog.

Want to see a couple examples of what I mean on that last point? Two of my guest posts are up already, and they both have a ton of great info.

I still have many guest posts to come in this promo round, including ones for Write to Done and Smart Blogger (the blog formerly known as Boost Blog Traffic!) -- watch my Twitter for more links. If earning from your own blog is one of your aspirations, you might want to check out Small Blog, Big Income while it's on sale for launch week.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Investment worth of entrepreneurs and on-demand freelancing Services

Your business is your baby. You pour your heart, soul, and the contents of your bank account into ensuring its success. So when it comes to differentiating your business from its competitors and making sure that your business stands out, you need to go all out.

Investment worth of entrepreneurs and on-demand freelancing Services 

As a business owner, every penny counts. Especially in the beginning stages, there never seems to be enough money or time to go around. Learning to multitask and balance is key, both in life and in business. When it comes to managing your company, you must find the balance between cutting costs and finding the avenues that are worth investing in. No matter what kind of business you have, these services are well worth the investment.

1. Talk the Talk

Communication is a necessity for your business – it’s obvious that your business needs a phone line. But practically, what’s the best route to take? Do you use your personal number and allow clients to contact you at all hours of the day, even in your personal time? Do you register for a landline number that is only relevant for the 8 hours a day that you’re in the office and run the risk of missing potentially important calls?

Fone.Do is a great solution for this, as it offers a separate work phone number that rings on landline phones, mobile phones, and via the web. A full phone system, Fone.Do is quick and easy to setup (it only takes 3 minutes). It helps you maintain proper phone etiquette and even lets you transfer between devices while you’re in a call. Offering many features that you’d expect from a phone system (virtual receptionist and hold music) plus ones you wouldn’t have thought of (greetings based on the time of day, the ability to check if a colleague is able to take a call, etc…), Fone.Do is a great investment for your company.

2. LogDog

Regardless of the services that your business has to offer, it is certain that there is an electronic aspect to it. Whether you’re managing an online service or administrative work on electronic books, it is impossible to avoid using technology to help run your business. An unfortunate result of this technology dependence is the risk of hackers accessing your accounts/sites. This affects you, obviously, but can also greatly impact your customers as their information is entrusted to you. A hacked business is embarrassing and has potentially disastrous consequences for all involved.

Well lucky for you, you’re reading this article. Hackers are very much active and are always happy to create chaos for you and your business. So what do you do? You set a “security dog” to guard all of your Gmail, Facebook and Dropbox accounts. LogDog does this exactly, the service scans your account and if it detects unusual activity, it alerts you. The more accounts you protect, the better LogDog recognizes your typical online behavior. Their Detective service scans your email for vulnerable information like passwords and credit card numbers, helping you after to delete the information.

3. Adaptive Insights

In order to operate, your business needs a budget. Being able to manage your spending is crucial to ensuring that your business model stays on track. Without proper awareness of what your company is investing in, and where it shouldn’t be investing, you could be (completely unbeknownst to you) getting your company into a bad financial situation.

Offering budget trackers plus many other services with its software is Adaptive Insights. Beyond simple budgeting tools, Adaptive Insights allows you to break down your finances into reports and offers analytic software to ensure that your business is on financial track. Being able to track the progress of your business and automate your finances means that you have more time to spend on actually building up your business. Less time spent on the day-to-day details allows you to focus more on perfecting your product and forging valuable connections to boost your business.

4. Wunderlist for Business

With organization comes power. Organizing allows you to keep your tasks in order, your communication on track and helps you ensure that you are meeting your goals. If organization from within your business crumbles, there’s nothing left to maintain the structure of it. To keep your business streamlined, check out Wunderlist.

A to-do list on steroids, Wunderlist for Business is a great way to track progress and keep you and your coworkers updated. Upload files, add comments and assign tasks to your colleagues. Gone are the days of forgetting something – Wunderlist is compatible with Android devices, Apple devices and on web. There’s even an extension for Chrome so that you can add a site to your list of tasks.

Final  words: 

Sure, spending money can be a drag. But with these tools in your arsenal, you are sure to see your business (and your wallet) grow with time. By presenting your company as professional, organized and secure, From organization to professional calls to marketing to security to budgeting and financial analyzation, these services will truly become indispensable to the success of your business.