Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Blogging entrepreneurship and Audience engagement mantras

Setting up a blog has become cake-walk these days. It literally takes minutes. But we’re in for doing things the right and not the fastest way, we believe in spending time over the tiny details, making sure things are perfect. So with that in mind, let’s begin your amazing journey in the world of blogging:

Blogging entrepreneurship and Audience engagement mantras

* The Name: First things first, it starts with the name, you should spend good time deciding a name that actually ticks. Don’t just rush into it, let the idea simmer and don’t proceed till it actually feels right in your gut. If you’re a business, we’d stay with the same name, unless the blog is not for your business and for personal or some other use. Speaking of blog names, might we point out that we’ve got some pretty sweet offers on domains incase you have something in mind :)

* Platform: Next comes deciding your blogging platform. Options are plenty, you’ve got blogger, tumblr, the awesome WordPress and many many more. We suggest going ahead with WordPress simply for amount of customization that it offers in terms of both the form and function. You could find amazing themes, widgets, plugins etc to make your blog work the way you always dreamed. You can start with a free account and once you’re certain get yourself a hosting plan and move to fully branded version. Mind you both are free, for the fully branded one, you’re only paying for the domain name and hosting and not for using the platform per se.

* Theme/Design: This is probably where most people spend the most amount of time and at times even get stuck. This is for good reason we admit, the look of your blog is crucial, you want to make it awesome. But here’s our tip, do not let this stage hold you back, pick a theme that you are OK with and proceed, you can always keep iterating and improving your blog design till you hit the sweet spot.

* The Meat: Content is the meat of it, the reason why you are here. You have something that you believe the world needs to know and so you are here. Spend time in drafting your articles, don’t publish anything you’re not sure about. Write stuff that adds value to your audience. Research your subject well, if you have an idea for next article, research the hell out of it before you start to write. When you put that proverbial pen to the paper, take your time. Read and proof read what you’ve written, let it simmer and if it rocks your boat then go ahead and publish it. But before you do, proof read it again and 1 more time after that.

* Evolve: Like life itself blogging is a journey, keep learning and evolve as a writer/blogger. Spend time with your older articles think about how to make them better. Spend time reading, keep a tab on what the legends in your vertical are doing. Learn from them but always retain your style and individuality. Even if you are business, it pays to be unique. Keep this in mind no matter which stage you are with your blog. Whether you’re only planning to start or you’re 500 articles deep, keep learning and evolving.

Your website is the digital home of your business, often the first page prospective clients land on. It’s time to audit your site to make sure you’re not committing any of these homepage fails:

1. A clear call to action. If your users ask “what am I supposed to do here?” you’ve already lost their attention.

2. Simple navigation. Follow the KISS rule: keep your menus and top navigation simple! (Because the “KYMATNS rule” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.) Don’t have too many choices to bewilder users.

3. Less is more. Your users are scanning your homepage for what they need, not cozying up with a cup of tea for a long read. Take a cue from Apple’s minimalist homepage.

4. Know your audience. Know who’s coming to your site and give them what they’re coming for up front, whether that’s news, your latest products, or a specific newsletter sign-up.

5. Be unique. Don’t break the cardinal rule of branding (and copyright infringement law). It’s important that your audience can tell the difference between you and your competitors.

6. Update often. Keep your site fresh with updates on the regular, and you’ll keep users coming back.

7. Check your ABCs. Spell check, spell check, spell check.

Keep these key pointers in mind while planning your entry into the blogosphere. Remember it’s a jungle out there and it’s OK to take time finding your feet. Make mistakes but learn and adapt quickly. We wish you the best for your journey, tell us if you found this article handy in your quest as a blogger, drop your thoughts in the comment section below.


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