Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Global Freelancers' DayDream to Be An Entrepreneur

Talk to any group of entrepreneurs and you’re likely to find that the majority of people have at least one very key quality in common. Whether they are unconventional or perfectionists, easily distracted or intensely focused, and no matter what kind of work they’re in – all entrepreneurs are dreamers. 

Global Freelancers' DayDream to Be An Entrepreneur

It’s almost impossible to find someone who has left the 9-5 grind without a dream to drive them. Yet, as we all know too well, sometimes freelancing knocks you down before it lifts you up, and the road to achieving your dreams can be fraught. Follow the money. In today's economic environment you cannot save your way to entrepreneurs/ millionaire status. ...
  • Don't show off -- show up! ...
  • Save to invest, don't save to save. ...
  • Avoid debt that doesn't pay you. ...
  • Treat money like a jealous lover. ...
  • Money doesn't sleep. ...
  • Poor makes no sense. ...
  • Get a millionaire mentor.
While we all experience setbacks, the stagnation and frustration that comes with being an entrepreneur can be especially hard for the most ambitious people to handle. Here’s a few tips to help you keep perspective when the entrepreneur lifestyle proves challenging:

A. Plan by the week, not the day:

A lot of entrepreneurs make a schedule each morning or the night before, but this kind of day to day planning can make any single day feel like it holds a greater magnitude than it really does. If you set goals by the week, then you can roll with the punches if something goes wrong or gets in your way during one particular day. Then, at the end of the week, you can see how much you accomplished in the big picture without scrutinizing each moment under a microscope.

B. All work and no play makes for an unhappy entrepreneur:

When your schedule is fluid, and projects could come in at any moment, it’s easy to let work take over your whole life. While most people clock in and out from 9-5, a vague schedule means that many entrepreneurs end up working from 9-9 with undefined breaks throughout the day that end up feeling like work-time. Make your breaks purposeful and center them on activities that you enjoy. This will keep you refreshed and focused when it’s time to work.

C. Keep tabs on what you do:

You’ve been working hard all day, you finally close the computer and call it a job well done. Later, you think back, and you can’t remember one single thing that you accomplished and you berate yourself for wasting a whole day. If this sounds familiar, then you should consider writing a checklist at the beginning of the day and marking things off that you’ve completed. Looking back, it’s easy for the million little things you do to keep your business growing to fade in your memory. With a checklist, you can have an honest assessment of what you’ve accomplished and adjust if needed.

D. Build a community:

Let’s be honest, the life of a freelancer is very different from the 9-5 life. Sometimes it can be very isolating, and you feel you need to produce immediate and incredible results in order to justify your choices to people who may not understand what entrepreneurship means. It’s important to meet other entrepreneurs not only to share information and advice, but also to get some perspective that 9-5 isn’t the only option. One great resource is the entrepreneurship category in Meetup, they’ve got meetings around the world.

It’s not easy to take on the setbacks of entrepreneurship on your own, but it’s worth it in the end when you are able to enjoy your accomplishments! What do you do to keep yourself grounded while living the freelancer lifestyle? Tell us in the comments!


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