Thursday, 14 August 2014

Affiliate Market Leader Amazon has Launched Amazon CPM Ads for Invitees

Marketers and Bloggers are now looking for different ways to make money online through their blogs. There is good news for all them, as Amazon has also come up with CPM Ads which you can utilize on the blog space and earn some money too. Amazon had options for the publishers only where they could make use of the advertising sales in order to make money online but with the introduction of Amazon CPM Ads, the publishers as well as the bloggers both will be benefited.

Affiliate Market Leader Amazon has Launched Amazon CPM Ads for Invitees 

Amazon allows customization of banner ad
It is not that you will have to accept whatever Amazon is providing you in the form of banner ad; instead you can create new advertisement code which will be specially designed for your blog only. Depending on the space available on your site, you will be able to select the banner size and all this can be done right from the affiliate account that you have on Amazon. Apart from creating your own banner ad, you can also help yourself by opting for the CPM rate that you are expecting while you are selecting another advertisement code. Now you will be able to link the product ad of Amazon directly to the product specified in the advertisement, so it is definitely going to help you a lot in earning.
Some other features available

When you will create the ad code, at the bottom you will find an option, it will allow you to track the CPM Ads with the help of some Analytics provider. So, now that Amazon CPM Ads are in the network race of advertisement we can expect some great turnovers for the bloggers and publishers alike. More so because the marketing strategy of Amazon is always considered to be the best in the world, therefore, when it is coming out with something, high hopes are bound to happen. In order to make all of this happen, you have to first select the option of Amazon CPM Ads, which is a new addition to your account and is available right below the tracking ID from Amazon.
Earning made easy online

Amazon CPM Ads are one of the easiest ways to earn more money and the best thing is that you can easily set this up without any major hitches. Even the operation of this CPM Ad is quite simple too, and that is why you will not face any difficulty in earning more and more from the display. You can be rest assured about the quality of ads that will be displayed in here.

Moreover, you can name your ad unit along with the size of the ad and the Pass back Ad code. All of these need to be mentioned in different spaces available for them. Now that you are done with the creation of ad code, you just need to copy the ad code and paste it on your blog to get started with your Amazon CPM Ads. Your code will be created as soon as you click on Create Ad code.

Update : This isn’t announced officially by amazon yet. If you are amazon affiliate and not able to see any option for amazon CPM ads that mean you are not invited by them and you need to wait until it is officially announced.


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