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Thursday, 26 September 2013

46 Seconds Needs To Send Money Via SBI ATM Card to ATM Card Through ATM

State Bank of India is one of the largest Bank in the world which has largest numbers of Branches around the globe. This article is influenced by our clients those want instant money transfer from SBI ATM or Debit Card to Card and this specially works fine those have no internet banking but wants State Bank Cash Transfer.
SBI ATM Card to ATM Card Through ATMSBI ATM Card to ATM Card Through ATM

How to Transfer Money through State Bank ATM

If you require transferring some money from one SBI Account to another SBI Account through State Bank ATM, you can see there is no option to transfer directly to SBI bank account. Instead, you can make use of card to card transfer from SBI ATM. In card to card transfer, the money in your account gets transferred to account number of beneficiary’s debit card number of state bank group. As a result, you can say it that card to card money transfer is as same as transferring money to another bank account.

Steps to Avail Card to Card Money Transfer Facility

To manipulate State Bank card to card fund transfer facility you can follow the following steps:
SBI ATM Card to ATM Card Through ATMSBI ATM Card to ATM Card Through ATM
1. Swipe your debit card of State Bank of India.
2. Choose Transfer option (from the various option listed on the screen after swiping your ATM card. Transfer option could be seen at the right bottom side of the ATM screen.)
3. Enter the PIN (after selectingTransfer option you will be asked to Enter the PIN. You have to enter your ATM Card PIN Number there.)
4. Choose Card to Card Transfer option (from the various option listed on the screen after entering the PIN.).
5. Enter Beneficiary’s Debit Card Number (you have to enter the 19-digit debit card number of the beneficiary to whom the money is to be transferred).
6. Enter Again Beneficiary’s Debit Card Number (you will be asked twice to enter the debit card number of the beneficiary for confirmation).
7. Enter Transferable Amount (you can now enter the amount of money which you want to transfer to the beneficiary’s account).
8. Select account type (you will be asked to choose your account type from either Savings or Checking).
Transaction Completed (your transaction is completed now and the amount of money is credited instantly to the recipient’s account).
Check the SBI official video tutorial 
Things to remember SBI Card to Card Transfer
For availing SBI Debit Card to Debit Card money transfer facility you must have these two things- such as your debit card, and debit card number of beneficiary (to whom money is to be transferred)

If you wants to know more info on SBI transfer cash on SBI card to card money transfer facility one can visit official website of State Bank of India i.e. www.statebankofindia.com.