Thursday, 3 September 2015

Best Paying 5 Jobs Freelancers Can Do From Anywhere

As times change, so does the job market. Every year brings new kinds of employment based on new technology or social needs. Freelancers are often thinking about the newest kind of jobs out there, particularly the ones that can be done from almost anywhere.

Best Paying 5 Jobs Freelancers Can Do From Anywhere

So what are these jobs? A recent article in Forbes names a few that pay particularly well.

1. Teleradiologists

Doctors often need to consult with other medical experts, and in this day and age, there’s no longer any need for these two people to be in the same room. According to the article teleradiologists can make six figures working with medical professionals, hospitals, and insurance companies on analyzing patient images sent over the internet.

2. Telepharmacists

Radiologists aren’t the only medical professionals who can do their work online. Pharmacists are also using the internet to bring their services to patients. Some pharmacy schools actually have telepharmacy divisions where they help their students master this booming industry to, again, earn six figures for their services

3. Online Teachers

Online classes have shot up in popularity over the last decade. It’s never been easier to learn a new language, take a creative writing class, or brush up on your chemistry skills. According to Forbes, people who teach online college courses can earn a median of $62,000 a year.


Globalization is a part of our society, and it often involves bringing together people from various backgrounds who speak various languages. If you know a second (or third or fourth) language, you can make money from just about anywhere by offering translation services.

5. Telenurses

As you may guess, no other industry seems to be embracing the power of technology in the workplace quite like the medical industry. One example of this is the rise of telenurses, nurses hired by hospitals to talk to patients over the phone. These conversations might consist of going over mysterious symptoms, or advising them on how to take a certain kind of medicine.


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