Friday, 17 October 2014

Legit home job in Kgigs to earn $1000 per month by working 2 hours daily

Kgigs is a service that allows you to create service offerings, and purchase the services of other online freelancers. Although the network is often full of low quality services, it’s very easy to make money if you offer high quality service. Personally, I have made over $500 on Kgigs within 15 days of signup.

 Legit home job in Kgigs to earn $1000 per month by working 2 hours daily

Image: One of my Kgigs Order: Service live 

It’s September 26th at the time of me writing this, and my first service offer was on same day of signup. That’s slightly less than a month, but in that time I have made $512. That’s just posting 10 gigs. That’s a lot of money considering that I didn’t promote my services heavily, work very hard to earn that money, or pay to have my services featured.
Mainly, I wrote articles for Kgigs users and offer SEO services. I love writing, but I know that it is one of the worst ways to make money online. You can easily make money online if you do other freelancing such as design work or programming lessons and seo works. However, Kgigs as a whole is a great place to make money online. Without their network of buyers and sellers, I never would have gotten close to $500 as a freelance in fresher website.

So here’s what you need to do.

1.      Sign up at Kgigs
2.      Create your profile, update your account information and upload a unique avatar
4.      Tell your real life, and online, buddies about your service offers
Once you do that, you can start earning money on Gigcrate. Here are some things to keep in mind…
o    Offering a ‘guarantee’ can increase the amount of clients you receive. A guarantee could be something such as “I will deliver this service before my deadline, or I’ll return 100% of your order.”
o    Purchasing a featured spot will keep your service offer at the top of your offer’s specific category. I didn’t do this, but if you don’t pay for a featured spot you’ll notice your offer moving down the first page and on to page two.
o    Telling your real life and online buddies will give you the advantage of word of mouth. As a freelancer, this is one of the most valuable aspects to put effort towards. Never stop building your network of clients / supporters.
o    Create unique service offers that stand out from everything else.
o    Don’t undervalue your service(s). In most cases, Kgigs buyers will disregard offers that seem too cheap to be high quality.
o    Offer temporary discounts to increase purchases, through proven buyer-psychology.

How to Build Your Network, with Kgigs Offers

Much like a personal portfolio or store, Gigcrate makes it easy to see what a specific user is offering. For example, I have my own personal service offers on the bottom of my profile. I give out this link to my friends, so they can easily pay for my time or share it with potential clients. I also highly recommend adding your personal Gigcrate link to your personal website, if you have one.

Whether you do have a personal site or not, you should be adding your Gigcrate link to your forum profiles and any other pages that you have on various websites. In the beginning of my freelancing work, I never thought my real life friends would be interested in my writing service. However, after posting my Gigcrate link on Facebook, I gained an old friend as a new client.
If you already have an established network of clients and friends, then I recommend you check out this article about making $1000 online simply by being an entrepreneur (another article on YWB).

How to Price Services

Well, keep in mind that you should not undervalue your service(s). However, you don’t want to overprice them either. Here are some tips for pricing your service offers on Kgigs.
1.      Always offer a quantity of one as the starting offer. For example, ‘I will write one 500 word article for $5’. 
2.      Offer ‘extras’ for each service offer. Taking the example in step 1, an extra could be ‘I will increase this article by 250 words, for $2 more’, or ‘I will write two total articles for a total of $10′.
Your services on Kgigs can be in bulk, but keep in mind that you will gain more clients if you offer bulk options and smaller options. That way you can take control of a larger portion of your niche, instead of just one financial class of it.
Undercutting is another great way to gain clients. For example, if a popular SEO Service Provider is offering a PR8-PR 10 backlink for $20 per month. This will steal some clients from the popular freelancer, and be a great deal as long as you prove to be of the same quality as the more expensive freelancer.

The most interesting and beneficial features of the Kgigs is that it offers referral commission to users. Presently, it offers $5 per verified Kgigs signup as referral commission(it may be changed as written).If you have any questions about this article, or would like help developing your first offer on Kgigs you can contact me at www.Kgigs/user/purbitaditecha


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